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Monday, October 18, 2010

screen capture program for Ubuntu

Hi to all..
     There are several "Screen capturing programs" are available for windows (eg., Camtasia Studio). Similarly there are several Open sourced screen capturing programs (Recording in video mode) are available for linux.

* RecordMyDesktop
* XVidCap Screen Capture
* Istanbul Desktop Session Recorder

     According to my personal experience, "Istanbul Desktop Session Recorder" is a light-weighted simpler tool to record your screen with audio. The problem is that, it'll export the video only in ogg format. If you need in some other format then you've to go for some converter programs.

     "XVidCap" program will export the video in mpeg and avi formats. You can also go for this program, if you like it. 

     You can easily install these programs through "Ubuntu Software Center". If you were unable to find those programs in your software repository, then don't worry let me give those links for downloading.

  1. RecordMyDesktop:
  2. XVidCap Screen Capture:
  3. Istanbul Desktop Session Recorder:

     If you've installed "Istanbul" then let me show you how to work around it. After installing the program, just follow the description.

Applications -> Sound & Video -> Istanbul Desktop Session Recorder

     Now you can able to find one "red colored round button" in the notification area (the place where date time and shutdown buttons were available).

     To start recording, just "left click over that red button". Now your desktop screen is being recorded by your Istanbul Desktop Session Recorder. When you click over that red button, that icon will be changed like this (means it records your screen).

     If you want to stop recording, then again click that "rectangle grey colored button". After clicking, a window will be opened and ask for confirmation of "saving that video". In that window itself you can able to play it.

     Now you can able to "save it or play it" as per your wish. You can also have more options by "right clicking" over that "red colored button".

      Now its so easy to show the demos using this screen capture program. Have a good day. Don't hesitate to ask! 


  1. After looking around I settled on Istanbul but was initially put off about it only saving in .ogg format. Luckily YouTube accepts the .ogg file format amongst others. Thanks for the review.

  2. After clicking the grey button to stop recording, the "save screenshot" window opens, but only for about 1 second. The red/grey button in the notification area also goes away.

    I reopened Istanbul and right-clicked the red button to see if there was a config item in the menu but there is not. I also searched the file system for a config file but did not find one.

    Anybody else having this problem or had it and knows a fix?

    Ubuntu 10.04
    Gnome 2.30.2

    I installed Istanbul from Ubuntu Software Center.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  3. After reading a couple more posts on the Ubuntu forums I decided to remove istanbul. Going to give gtk-recordmyDesktop a go. thx.